European Yunguseng Dojang

This is the homepage of the Yunguseng Dojang. 연구생 Yunguseng or also written Yeongusaeng is the korean term for what most of us know by the japanese term Insei. Dojang (Dojo) means ‘special academy’ where people study Go seriously.
The system is called Yunguseng for two reasons:
1. It's based on the real Korean Yunguseng system. 2. We study Go as seriously as the Korean Yunguseng.

The 19th season has begun since the 4th September.
You can still join the program as a spectator or wait to  
join in the league!


The Yunguseng Dojang has 5 key points:

1. 5 games a month on scheduled dates and all games will be personally reviewed by In-seong and co-teachers 
2. Nine live, interactive lectures each season
3. All lectures and reviews are recorded live and available for viewing anytime
4. Personal Go report after the season to check your style of play, strong point & weak point.
5. Play competitive games with various level opponents. It gives a feeling like joining an offline tournament

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I always believed that there is the best way to become stronger at Baduk (Go). When I was Yunguseng (Korean-insei), I went to a professional Baduk Dojang (Academy) every day from 9 am to 10 pm. And on weekends, there was a Yunguseng league. So I had no time to think about something else... I know that you can't spend that much time like this because Baduk might not be the only hobby for you. I remember what I have done every half day long: I played, reviewed and studied new skills. It's nothing special, you could have guessed it already. Those three things were the reason how I've got to 7dan level.

(1) Get your game analyzed
It's the most important thing if you want to become stronger. Personally, I believe that this is the most effective way to learn Baduk. If you don't find your mistakes, you'll keep playing the same mistakes over and over again. There should be someone who can judge your move and correct it to a better way.
All your Yunguseng league games will be reviewed by In-seong with video!

(2) Lectures
After you've corrected your mistakes, you should study new skills. Without studying new skills, it's like just standing at the same place. I have lots of experience with more than 300 lectures. Especially, I have my own special lecture papers which come with variations and explanations. It will help you even much later after the lectures are over.

(3) System
When I correct people's mistakes, then usually, they immediately understand. It seems they definitely realize their mistake. But unfortunately, they keep playing similar mistakes again.
I know why. It's because they didn't take the time to get used to that move or deepen the intuition. When you learned a new move or a new theory, you should have time to apply it to your own Go. If you miss this time, it will vanish.
This Yunguseng system will make you keep playing well-concentrated games and will give you the time to apply the new theories to your own Go world!

So I hope you don't miss this opportunity to get a real benefit and increase your Go strength!

In-seong Hwang, 8dan player

  • All your games will be reviewed by In-seong through recorded video.
  • The lectures are re­corded too, so you can watch them whenever and as often you want.
  • Yunguseng has an own rating system, it will show your improvement each month.
  • The system will make you apply the lecture topics in your games!