Yunguseng league rules

You must be able to play the 5 games per month to start in the yunguseng league. It may happen that one or the other player can not be there on the playing evening, but this is no major problem. The players can arrange the game on an earlier day before the scheduled game. You can check the schedule showing who will be your opponent beforehand. You will play always the same evening each week, although once a month there will be a game on the weekend.

League rules

  1. At the start of each season, the players will be placed in the league by order of their EGF rating or Yunguseng rating.
  2. Time settings: 40 min main thinking time and 15 stones 5 min byoyomi [setup window]. Anyone showing up later than 15 min will lose his game by default(If the late player is reachable, then up to 20 min is possible)
  3. If both players agree, players can change the game date or time. The player who wants to change the time or date should inform the other player at least 3 days before the anticipated game.
  4. When contacting opponents, that mail should forward to so Yunguseng manager can track to help to reschedule if necessary.
  5. If you are already late to contact 3 days in advance, please contact admin directly.
  6. The person who wants to re-schedule the game should let the manager know about it.
  7. Komi is 6.5. All games are played without handicap. Use nigiri to choose the color.
  8. At the end of each league, the 1st and the 2nd placed player will move up to the higher league, and the 5th and the 6th placed will move down to the lower league. The two placed last in the last league don't drop out. If you are on the waiting list you can only replace someone who left on his own.
  9. Tiebreaker: In the case that two or more players tie, the order for promotion or demotion in the league will be their initial placement from the beginning of the season (in the first season the start placements are assigned by placement in the EGF rating).
  10. If 1 or more players quit from the league, we fill up the league with waiting list players. This player will be placed in a league based on his Go Rating, although it must be a lower league than the quit player's league. Otherwise, lower league players may take a disadvantage. (Ex: One guy quit in the league C, and the waiting list guy is League A level, but we don't put this guy in the league A or B. because in this case, the League C guy who is promoted to the league B will have a disadvantage)
  11. Sometimes there's a lucky chance to stay in the league or move up to the upper league instead of staying. It's the case when quit player's rating is higher than fill up player(ex: League A player quit, fill up player came to league D, then league A,B,C member can get one placement benefit). In this situation, basically higher league players have a priority. However, if there are more than 2 quitters, then from the second person, the number of wins in the league will decide that benefit.
  12. Waiting list: Once the available spots in the league have been filled (24 or 30 people), players are then placed on a waiting list and replace players that drop from the league. The waiting list works with first in first out (fifo), the newcomers will start at the lowest position in their league. The Waiting List
  13. Taking a break: If a player wants to take a break at the end of a month or season, it's possible. In this case, let the admin know 10 days before the league ends. When the player returns, he will be placed in the middle of the waiting list, e.g. if there are 8 people waiting he will move to the 5th place in the waiting list.
  14. When a player takes a break, membership will automatically change to the Spectator option and be charged the Spectator fee. So, if you want to completely quit, please let admin know.
  15. Spectator limit: If there are more than 150 times of hit for watching lectures in less than 10 days or similar speed, 350 in a month, it can be treated as collecting lecture videos and the membership can be stopped.

Member Rules

  1. Be polite when members play a game & communicate with each other.
    This is especially true when you contact others in order to request a change to the league game time and date.
  2. You are required to play 5 games a month.
    It's kind of a group study system. If a player misses a game, both he and his opponent will not get the benefit of the review.
  3. Forbidden to share the user ID and Password.
    We are using a login system to access to our recorded videos. Please DO NOT share your ID and password with anyone. The recorded videos are an intellectual property and should be protected as such.
  4. The lesson videos should not be collected and uploaded on any other places.
    As the lesson videos are intellectual property, it's not allowed to collect many numbers of video intentionally and upload it to any other places.

Scholarship rule

  1. Be honest when asking for the U26 discount scholarship.
    There's a discount fee for the U-26 people in order to help them study Go with less of a financial burden. So if you want to take this scholarship, be honest to yourself that you are under 26 years old and have no regular income. If someone has a regular income, they should pay a normal fee even if they are U-26. The maximum number of scholarships is 15 people per season.
  2. Scholarship fee
    Scholarship members should pay the standard fee first and then after the season, scholarship fee(85 euro) will be reimbursed. For that, scholarship members should follow the game well.
  3. Forfeit two out rule
    To get a scholarship means to get a favor from Yunguseng system. And Yunguseng system wants this favor back with their 100 % attendance on their games. As following Yunguseng games is very important, this would be very strict for the people who get the scholarship. If there are more than 2 times of forfeit issues come from the scholarship person in a season(15 games), there will be no reimbursement for the scholarship fee. And this money will be collected and used as 'Yunguseng fund' for youth Go players.
  4. Teacher's rights
    If the teacher thinks that someone who takes scholarship doesn't put seriousness in YD games, the teacher may take out the scholarship and give that benefit to other members. Because the reason why the scholarship program exists is that Yunguseng Dojang gives a chance to under 26 years old Go players who really want to study and improve their strength but have a financial burden. If someone doesn't have a desire on improving Go, don't deserve this benefit.
  5. Scholarship tie breaker
    If there are more than 15 people who have a right to get the scholarship, then former season's number of forfeit games will be the tie breaker.