Yunguseng league system

We play the game on KGS in the 'Yunguseng Dojang' private room. The games are played one evening per week at 20:00(Central European time, GMT +1 in General, with summer time, GMT +2). At 22:00 our teacher joins the room and reviews three or four of the played games. The games the teacher couldn't review online will be reviewed and recorded offline and put on the Vimeo video platform later. The "live" reviews are also recorded and can be watched again later.
One weekend each month we'll meet to play one more round. You can find more details about the schedule further down in the google calendar.

1. League System 5. Reviews 9. Spectators
2. Playing months 6. Lectures 10. Homework system
3. Round Robin 7. Schedule   11. Personal report
4. Playing days & times 8. Yunguseng rating  

1. League system

Yunguseng consists of 12 leagues and 6 players in each league.
After each month, 2 people will go up, 2 people stay, 2 people go down.

2. Playing Months

There will be 9 play months a year. We'll take a break for a month in Spring, Summer, and Winter each time a full season (3 months) has ended.

Season 17 (2017)
January 1st league
February 2nd league
March 3rd league
April Break / Spring Go camp
Season 18 (2017)
May 1st league
June 2nd league
July 3rd league
August                Break              
Season 19 (2017)
September 1st league
October 2nd league
November 3rd league
December Break / Winter Go camp
Season 20 (2018)
January 1st league
February 2nd league
March 3rd league
April Break / Spring Go camp
Season 21 (2018)
May 1st league
June 2nd league
July 3rd league
August                Break              
Season 22 (2018)
September 1st league
October 2nd league
November 3rd league
December Break / Winter Go camp

3. Round Robin

A full league system will be played, everyone plays everyone else in their league(Round Robin) once per month.

  1. Each player plays 5 games per month.
  2. The pairings follow a simple scheme
Game #1: 1 vs 6 2 vs 5 3 vs 4
Game #2: 1 vs 5 2 vs 4 3 vs 6
Game #3: 1 vs 4 2 vs 3 5 vs 6
Game #4: 1 vs 3 4 vs 5 2 vs 6
Game #5: 1 vs 2 3 vs 5 4 vs 6

4. Playing days & times

The games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 20:00.
* In case people can't make time on the original date, it may change by personal negotiation and admin's help.
At 22:00 the teacher joins the room and reviews three or four of the played games. This will last until 23:00 -23:30.
If the teacher can't review all the games, then the remaining games will be reviewed by off-line video within 5 days. Once a month there will be a game / review on weekend.

5. Reviews

Participants can join and watch all group's games and reviews. And also can watch all the recorded lesson videos.

6. Lectures

The Yunguseng teacher will give 3 lectures per month. The lessons are on KGS and include audio. We will record these lessons. If you can not manage to be there you can watch them later.

7. Schedule

8. Yunguseng rating

Initial rating will be given by this priority:
1. 1:1 conversion the E.G.D(European Go Database) rating to Yunguseng Rating.
2. If there's no E.G.D rating, then we give a rating which is based on KGS rating. And here's the rating conversion table: Yunguseng rating conversion table

The rating system is very simple. If two players of the same strength play each other, the winner will get 10 rating points and the loser will lose 10 points. If the players are not evenly matched, the stronger one will receive one less rating point for every 50 rating points difference between the players.
For example: if a player with a 100 more rating points wins, he will only gain 8 points (and the loser will only lose 8 points).
This continues until a player is 500 points or stronger than the other, then the stronger player wins 0 rating points. But if he loses against a player 500 points weaker, he'll lose the maximum possible rating points 20.

Click here to check personal data page with rating: Profile of Frederic Panico

Yunguseng Rating
Difference weaker stronger
  W L W L
500 +20 -0 +0 -20
450 +19 -1 +1 -19
400 +18 -2 +2 -18
350 +17 -3 +3 -17
300 +16 -4 +4 -16
250 +15 -5 +5 -15
200 +14 -6 +6 -14
150 +13 -7 +7 -13
100 +12 -8 +8 -12
50 +11 -9 +9 -11
0 +10 -10 +10 -10

Rating reset:

1. If a member has more than 120 rating points gap between E.G.D rating point and YD rating point, they can apply the rating reset.
   (ex: YD rating 1100 / EGD rating is 1300) 
2. Then, 50% of rating points difference will be given. 
   (ex: YD rating 1100 / EGD rating 1300, = 200 points difference. So take 50% of difference 100 points to get new rating 1200.)
3. If old members return after more than two seasons of a break, they can apply the rating reset and take 75% of their rating points difference. 
   To apply the rating reset, the rating difference should be more than 120 points.
   (ex: Stop at YD rating 1500 / return with 1900 rating point = 400 points difference so take 300 more points to get 1800 rating point)
4. It's possible to apply the rating reset each season.
5. To apply the rating reset, there should be more than 150 points from the initial rating points.
   (ex: Take 2000 initial rating points, lost 200 points in YD league(1800 points), EGD is still 2000. Then it's impossible to apply the rating reset. 
    But if the EGD rating is 2150, which is more than 150 point between YD initial rating points and EGD rating points, it's possible to apply) 

9. Spectators

The spectator package is meant for those people who want to join the reviews and lectures but don't have enough time to play the league games or couldn't join in the league due to lack of spaces.
As a spectator, you can participate in the following:
1. Join ongoing reviews & lectures in current season
2. Watch all the recorded videos for the past seasons
3. Join the homework system (you can get reviewed lecture topics)

* If there are more than 50 times of hit for watching lectures in a day, 150 hits in a week, 350 in a month, it can be treated as collecting lecture videos and the membership can be stopped.

10. Homework system

The homework system lets Yunguseng understand the lecture topics more effectively.
The teacher will make 3 lectures per month, 9 lectures per season and after each lecture, the teacher will give the homework topic.
The homework system works like this:

(1) The teacher gives the lecture and the corresponding homework 'Apply the lecture topics in your game'.
(2) Until the next lecture time, Yunguseng tries to apply the lecture topics in their game.
(3) Yunguseng sends their sgf file to the teacher (including comments about how they applied the lecture topic/maximum 3 files per lecture).
(4) The teacher checks the sgf file and makes a Homework checking video file, explaining whether they successfully applied the lecture topic or not.

11. Personal report

It's a personal Go report that the teacher gives his opinion of each member's style of play, strong point, weak point and where to focus for studying Go. Including teacher's comment, you will understand more for your Go and it can be a map for making your study plan.
It'll be given to all members who complete one season(3 months) as a league player. And then every 2 seasons, you'll receive another one.

Here's the sample file: